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Analysis of Johnson Music Essay

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To assist in the overall report, evaluate the chosen system to include professional diagrams or images, of a computer system. Labeling the different hardware components give a description of the function of each of the main elements of the system. Make sure the explanation is clear enough to understand as the client may have little or no knowledge of a modern computer system. The terminology associated with systems should be elaborated on for clarity. Justify your choice of computer systems and in a critical way suggest how the choice could have been better. Find suitable illustrations of the selected hardware and software to meet P2 & M3 criteria. Windows 98 or Win 2000 operating system will be o/k.

The ICT system that I have recommended to I.T.NOON, includes full details of the specification for the hardware stated. I have also found illustrations (JPEG Image) for the hardware items that are listed and which I have recommended. An operating system is the software responsible for allocating system resources, including memory, processor time, disk space, and peripheral devices such as printers, modems, and monitors. Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen.

All applications use the operating system to gain access to these resources as necessary. The operating system is the first program loaded into the computer as it boots, and it remains in memory throughout the session. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run. The application programs must be written to run on top of a particular operating system. The choice of operating system determines the applications you can run. For PCs, the most popular operating system is Windows, but others are available, such as Linux. As a user, you normally interact with the operating system through a set of commands.

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“For example, the DOS operating system contains commands such as COPY and RENAME for copying files and changing the names of files, respectively. The commands are accepted and executed by a part of the operating system called the command processor or command line interpreter.” Graphical user interfaces allow you to enter commands by pointing and clicking at objects that appear on the screen. Johnson Music (JMusic) was founded in 1901 at its current premises as a guitar shop. It specialised in trading in old guitars, refurbishing them and selling them on. At first the company had very few customers, but gradually grew.

By 1910 the company had reasonable success, and started selling guitars directly from manufacturers. The founder, George Johnson, noticed that some guitar brands didn’t sell very well, and others did. One guitar brand that did sell well was Ibanez guitars. The company gradually started selling more Ibanez guitars, becoming more successful for the company. In 1950 the shop stopped selling all guitars other than Ibanez guitars and became a dedicated Ibanez dealer. The company soon moved on from guitars and started selling more than that, including pedals, amplifiers and bass guitars.

This is how the company currently stands. Johnson music is owned by George Johnson, the son of the founder of the company. Its current location is: Johnson Music 17 Churchgate Bolton BL1 1HU UK. The shop has two floors. One floor stores bass guitars and bass amplifiers, as well as bass effects pedals. The second floor stores guitars and guitar amplifiers as well as guitar effects pedals. The shop has two storage rooms: one upstairs and one downstairs. Downstairs stores all bass guitar products and upstairs stores all guitar products. The shop has had a constant reasonable success and has a steady customer base at present. The company is in no danger of going out of business as it currently stands.

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