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Book review Essay Examples

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Book review

Florence Industries, Inc. is a company which provides three entirely different types of products and services through three divisions of the company: consumer products division, industrial products division and professional services. Each division is treated as an entirely different company and the performance evaluation criteria is return on assets in recent years after major shift….

Book review: Drew Magary’s PostMortal

The Postmortal starts with whispers that an anti-aging cure has been discovered. This is similar to the human capacity enhancement proposal speculated in chapter 3 of Dickenson’s bioethics. Also, we see similar proposal play out in the chapters of More and Vita-More’s Transhumanist Reader, where technology is speculated to be used to stop aging process,…

Book Review: the Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

Many are still quoting from Nicholas Carr’s 2008 Atlantic article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Here in The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, he elaborates to illustrate precisely how the Internet changes our lives. Along the way, Carr’s highly entertaining book reminds us of how the great thinkers of past centuries…



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Practical book review

Petersen breaks down the book in five parts . He starts off with part one the value of of communication balancing: listing awhile , talk until the other person stops hearing , Listen until the person calms enough to hear again. He furthers this in a another chapter. He then moves on to the Flat-brain…

Prisoner Without a Name Book Review

Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a number is a melancholy novel that expresses Argentina’s terrorist state. Jacob Timerman, a well respected man of Argentina, an editor of a well know Argentinian paper, La Opinion, tells the audience his story of the terrorist state of Argentina from 1967-1978. His gripping novel both describes his personal…

Book Review “Family to Family”

Abstract Family to Family is a book written by the author Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee. Dr. Pipes is a leader with the North American Mission Board. He travels around the world speaking to audiences through various conferences and workshops, training and equipping many in how to change lives for Christ. He is an…

4-MAT Book Review

Abstract Wheelan (2013) identifies the four stages of team development and provides detailed explanation of how a group transforms itself from a stage one group of uncertainty into a successful, highly productive stage four team. This requires work and a thorough understanding of the many internal/external influences that can occur during each stage. A team…

Book Review: Leading Change by John P. Kotter

Leading Change by John P. Kotter. Harvard Business School Press, 1996. In light of the increasing rate of change in the business environment due to factors such as technological advances and globalization, the need to be able to make successful transformations within an organization becomes more imperative than ever before. In Leading Change, Kotter identifies…

Book Review Share Jesus Without Fear

ABSTRACT Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay with Linda Evans Shepherd was written to inform the reader how important and how to share your faith with people. It is a book that tries to motivate and teach believers to be successful in sharing their faith (the gospel) in a simple but effective way. The…

Book Review of Drinking

Caroline Knapp writes eloquently and honestly, yet often starkly, about her life as a “functioning alcoholic. ” Ms. Knapp graduated Magna cum laude from Brown University, was a contributing editor at New Woman magazine as well as the Boston Phoenix. She wrote for many other magazines as well and was the author of Alice K’s…

Critical Book Review of “Fast Food Nation”

In this essay, an attempt is made to critically review the book, “Fast Food Nation” which deals with the process of emergence of fast food culture in America leading to significant social changes. Analysis The meticulously researched book “Fast Food Nation” is written by the journalist Eric Schlosser. The author devotes much attention to unhealthy…

Literature Review

Handout Description A review of literature is a critical analysis of a portion of the published body of knowledge available through the use of summary, classification, and comparison of previous research studies, reviews of literature, and journal articles (Subject Guides, n. d. ). This handout discusses the reasons for writing a literature review and presents…

Literature Review Format

Literature Review This packet details the steps necessary to produce a literature review that may be required for work in various disciplines, including English, history and psychology. This packet is not intended to replace instructor guidelines and should not be used in that manner. The packet’s intended use is as a supplement to classroom instruction…

Where the Red Fern Grows (Book Review)

Where The Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, follows the life of a young boy named Billy who lives in the Ozark Mountains with his Mamma, Papa, and three sisters. Because of his passion for coon hunting, he secretly saves up for two hunting dogs, and names them “Old Dan” and “Little Ann”. They go…

Book Review

The novel is about a wolf called Faolan that survives with a friend of his, Edme. There is another wolf called the Prophet that tries to send out wolves to kill Faolan and Edme. They try to find a shelter to try to hide but end up getting spotted by a wolf. They run away…

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