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Child Essay Examples

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Last Child in the Woods

In this article, Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv describes the importance that children have the ability to grow up and experience as their parents did through the back seat of a car. Louv’s purpose is to compel parents to stop giving in to technological advances and to start persuading their children to embrace…

Creating a Safe Environment: 2-4 year Olds

As an early childhood provider working with 2-4 year old children I will be sure to provide a safe, healthy, and appropriate indoor and outdoor learning environment that helps their developmental characteristics. When preparing my indoor learning environment as well as my outdoor learning environment I have to take into consideration each child; their needs,…

Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

Children’s Social Care Help children who are in need and also if a concern is raised about a child they will decide on the course of action to take. For example carry out and assessment and find out what the child’s needs are and gather all the relevant information that is needed. Police They work…



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The importance of recognising about children

There are many reasons why some children may have advantage and also disadvantage when it comes to development, however children and young people that suffer with their development may need extra support. This is why professionals always keep a record of children and young people’s development patterns so they can keep an eye out for…

Courage Mother and her Children critique

“Mother Courage and Her Children” by Bertolt Brecht took place during the 30 Years’ War in Europe. The whole play revolved around the survival of a lower class family, trying to live through the harsh war with their canteen wagon business. Each scene in the play contained the factors of religious, honesty, war, loyalty, and…

Understand how the social, economic and cultural environment can impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people

When working with children you should be aware of all possible social, economic and cultural factors which may impact on the upbringing of children and young people attending the school setting. These factors are issues within society which will or can affect children or young people’s lives at some point. The social factors that can…

Explain the main differences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people

When we communicate with people be it children young people or adults we adapt our communication to the appropriate language. We will do this automatically if we are in a meeting with other professionals, we will act and speak in a formal and professional manner, whilst speaking to a infant we will be more animated…

Virtual Childhood reflection

Debbie has grown so much in the last few months. She has achieved some milestones that are predominantly seen amongst infants within this age brackets. Breast milk is still her main source of food up on till the time she clocked six months of age when solids were introduced. She sucks at everything that touches…

Children social and emotional development

The advantage that day cares provide to children is, they help the child to socialize and improve any social skill. For example a kid who never go out and play with other children doesn’t know and doesn’t learn a different environment than the family atmosphere. Many cases as a result of it, children grow up…

Protect Children on the Internet

As technology and the internet continue to make advancements and are more commonly available to children in school classrooms and public libraries for educational purposes, the need to protect and monitor our children online has also advanced. Congress has continued to pass such laws as COPPA, CIPA, SOX, and FERPA as an attempt to filter…

Work in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings

1.1 Identify the features of effective partnership working All the parties involved have some sort of personal stake in the partnership; All the partners are working towards a common aim; The partners have a similar ethos or system of beliefs; The partners work together over a reasonable period of time; There is agreement amongst the partners that…

Asses the view, that working class children underachieve because they are culturally deprived

Middle class children have a higher tendency of achieving more than pupils of the working class. A few explanations pay attention on the external factors outside school. This includes cultural deprivation – working class pupils are portrayed as having a lack of correct attitude, values, language and knowledge for educational success. Whilst material deprivation means…

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

The Davy Crockett Gun Craze by Sarah Nilsen is an article about the effects of gunplay in the Davy Crockett cartoon series in the 1950s. The cartoon series depicted Davy Crockett as a hero with a gun, and to the younger viewers, it portrayed to them that guns were acceptable to use in play. The…

Childhood Obesity In America

More and more American children are becoming overweight or obese. Years ago an elementary classroom may have one kid who was overweight but today that has drastically changed. We have a whole new generation of kids who are consuming much more “junk food” and eating fast food 3 or 4 nights a week and they…

Competency Standard

I maintain being professional on a daily basis by doing the following. Letting all families in my care know we have a confidentiality policy. That we implement each and every day discussing only the info we need to with appropriate staff members. Children and their family’s info will only be discussed if we feel abuse…

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