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E – Marketing of the Music Products Essay

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The success of music marketing traditionally has been determined by the power of the musicians artists and the consumers. However there had been a quantum change in the power recently thanks to the increased use of information and communication technology. The music industry had long held the power to control the development of the marketing, but the advent of the internet and the technological advancement in the information and communication technology has allowed the artistes and consumers to take power of their own.

There were initial apprehensions about the impact of the internet on the marketing of the music industry due to the presence of file-sharing and peer-to-peer networks that might hinder the growth of sales of the music products. However it so happened that the internet has opened up a sea of chances for the growth of the marketing of the music products through the development of new retail channels for consumers as well as for the artistes to take advantage of the increased customer net work.

This marketing channel has made much more music available to a much wider and larger set of audience and consumers. Punjabi music and songs have been estimated to originate between the 14th and 15th century, as folklore with the farmers composing songs in their own dialects and tunes. There are different varieties of Punjabi music that enthrall the music lovers. The Punjabi music market had grown with the time by selling the products through recorded cassette tapes and then through the medium of compact discs.

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With the passage of time the internet marketing has taken over the reins and the industry developed with newer and improved technological means of marketing the ancient cultural treasure. The internet marketing has proved to be an effective platform for the Punjabi music to gain popularity not only in India but throughout the world. There is a huge difference in the marketing strategy and approaches of the Punjabi music industry before and after the introduction of internet as a marketing medium.

Internet marketing has made the industry to constantly work on finding new strategies to develop the marketing efforts. While originally it was apprehended that features like file sharing and peer-to-peer networks will hamper the growth of the sale of Punjabi music products, there were no such hindrances in reality and the industry is growing day by day with the introduction of new and improved music themes. With the help of internet marketing the purchasing of music products has improved considerably and this has increased the customer needs and preferences.

In this context this study looks at the contribution of internet marketing to the growth of sale of Punjabi music products and how internet has helped the music industry to introduce new and improved methods of marketing. The scope of the study is to review the development of the Punjabi music industry over the period of time along with the development of the internet marketing concept. The study also analyses the problems in the music industry associated with the development of the internet market. 1. 1 Research Objectives

While looking at the overall development of the internet marketing of the Indian Punjabi music the study has other objectives like 1. Comparing the differences in the marketing approaches prior to the introduction and development of the internet marketing and the present day approaches backed by internet marketing. 2. Exploring the available present and future technologies that can help the music industry grow 3. Analysing the impact of these technologies on the conduct of business and development of marketing for the music industry in general

4. Reviewing the response of the music industry to the technological developments 5. Assessing the impact the internet marketing had on the consumer preferences and tastes in the context of the music industry in general and Punjabi music in particular 6. Assessing the impact of file sharing and peer-to-peer networks on the internet marketing of the music products. 7. Assessing the possibility of turning the illegitimate music routes to legitimate saleable propositions. 1. 2 Research Scope

The study intends to review the development of the marketing concept of the music industry in general and the Punjabi music in particular over the period of time till the introduction of the concept of internet marketing and how the marketing concepts have changed over time. This can be seen from the changes in consumer preferences over the time in them asking new and more improved ways of listening to the music without losing the quality of the music. Examples in this connection are the I-pods and MP3 concepts.

The findings of this study will greatly interest the music lovers as well as the music industry because some interesting information on the E-marketing strategies would be evolved which can help them to adapt to the latest developments in the technology. The study will also extend to the analysis of the reasons and extent of piracy prevalent in the music industry and the scope for converting such piracies to saleable propositions. Overall the study aims at reviewing the growth of the music industry over the period of technological improvements. 1. 3 Research Questions

This study attempts to answer the following research questions among other things: 1. What is the impact of technological developments in the marketing growth of the music industry in general and Indian Punjabi music in particular? 2. What are the changes in the consumer preferences in respect of the music products with the development of internet marketing in the music industry? 3. What are the chances that piracy in the E-marketing can be contained with respect to the music products? 1. 4 Structure of the Dissertation In order to make a cohesive presentation this dissertation has been divided in to different chapters.

Chapter 1 makes a brief introduction to the readers about the background of the Punjabi music and the internet marketing being the subject the thesis is going to deal. This chapter also outlines the objectives of the research and sets the questions that the research intends to find answers. Chapter 2 makes a detailed review of the available literature on the internet marketing of the music products and the associated issues with a view to familiarize the readers to the discussions on the core subject of the paper ‘Impact of Internet on Indian Punjabi Music Industry: An overview on the Internet Marketing of the Music Products’ .

Chapter 3 presents an account of the research methodology that was adopted to gather the information and data needed for the completion of the research along with a justification for the chosen method of research. The findings of the research and an analysis there of constitutes Chapter 4. Some concluding remarks recapitulating the issues discussed forming the content of the text is presented in the final chapter 5. There were certain limitations of this research which are mentioned in the concluding chapter.

Chapter 2 Literature Review The scope of this chapter extends to the presentation of a review of the available literature on the subject of the impact of the internet marketing on the Indian Punjabi music industry. While reviewing the literature on this particular subject the study also extends to an analysis of the impact of E-marketing on the music industry and its products. 2. 1 Indian Punjabi Music – a Background As observed earlier the origin of the Indian Punjabi music dates back to the 14th or 15 the century.

Developed as folklore the music had the exquisite character of instilling energy and rhythm in to the lives of those who sing these songs. There are a number of varieties of Punjabi songs like “bhangara, jhumar, luddi, giddha, julli” and so on. The music had a vibrant style which made it popular in the world and with the migration of the people the music also travelled westwards. With the fascination for this kind of music the Punjabi music and songs have acquired a greater significance in the international world of music.

Music charts are being prepared with the flavor of this Asian culture. The Punjabi music has developed to such an extent that it is compared with other popular music like rock and reggae. Even European songs are infused with the mixture of the Punjabi music and songs and have attracted music lovers all over the world. (Indian Child) 2. 1. 1 Development of Indian Punjabi Music ‘Bhangra’ one of the traditional forms of Indian Punjabi music has become increasingly popular in the Western music cultures over the period.

With a tradition of more than 500 years old ‘bhangra’ which was performed during harvest festivals was increasingly being performed in weddings and other joyous occasions like New Year celebrations. According to Asia Today though the Indian Punjabi music ‘bhangra’ is still performed in its traditional form, in recent years the music has taken new versions in the form of ‘remixes, film songs, hip-hop, reggae and house music’ and through these new forms has developed a growing Western audience in the regions of Europe and North America.

The music has seen its developments in the UK during the 1970s when it started influencing the British club scenes. The development of the music has been accelerated due to the presence of a large section of South Asian Diaspora especially belonging to the second generation youngsters in the whole of Europe and more specifically in the UK. In the recent past ‘bhangra’ has reverted back to its original drum beats and it is sure that this music will enthrall more audience world wide in the years to come (Asia Today)

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