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Eminem: Marshall Matters Essay

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There are many avenues to go down in the therapeutic approach of this young man. He has been robbed, had a child out of wedlock, has an issue with his mother and the mother of his child and has had to deal with a multitude of backlash in his success. I find it ironic that he compares himself to this hard shell candy. It implies that he has a hard exterior, but rather soft, or vulnerable inside. Although his name is Marshall Mathers, it is quite a coincidence. He had a very unstable childhood, switching schools frequently, which disabled him from forming long, lasting friendships.

He constantly moved around between Kansas City and Detroit with his mother. Eventually, he dropped out of school (eminemnet. com). Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri. His tragic life led to abuse of alcohol and drugs and a suicide attempt. He has had weapons assault charges and a very tumultuous relationship with the mother of his child. He married her twice and even she attempted suicide. His mother abused drugs and alcohol as well and denies the allegations of her son.

He grew up impoverished, with a negative relationship with his mom and an absent father he has never met. He was in a predominantly black neighborhood and was often beaten up. He was hurt in one event and encountered a cerebral hemorrhage that left him in and out of consciousness for five days. He experienced racial discord and eventually joined a gang for protection, in which he was the only white member. An uncle he was close to committed suicide. He had gotten evicted and broke into his old home once with no water, no heat and no electricity. Rapping became his only solace.

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It became both a blessing and a curse. It was a way of getting him out of poverty but did not alleviate his criminal or deviant behavior, such as including his daughter on an album that disgraces her mother (eminemworld. net). All of these things require attention. I would definitely want to deal with his sense of self worth because he was taunted and bullied. He has to be dealing with other issues, such as abandonment since his uncle committed suicide and his father walked out on him. His lack of respect for women perhaps stems from his relationship with his mother.

He has definitely had bouts of depression, since he has considered suicide. He has the mask, i. e. , the fame, which has allowed him to create a character in which he can hide behind, but only temporarily. We have to peel back the layers, one at a time and begin to find out how to take his dysfunctional past and enable him to create a functional future. The first part would be the issue of abandonment and helping Marshall to recognize the triggers. It is quite apparent that this is a definite culprit in his life.

His ex wife states that she was not cheating with another man when Marshall saw her with a man at the bar. She stated that he was overreacting and that she would not have told him where she was if that were the case. His fear of abandonment obviously played a huge role in this. I would want him to talk about his father’s absence and to realize that it was not his fault, or the suicide of his uncle. His childhood friend’s murder will also have to be discussed here as well as his inability to form close relationships because of these issues.

His mother provided no stability or safe haven so we can also touch upon that. Next I would talk about his substance abuse. His mother was allegedly an abuser. We can talk about whether he has seen her use anything and if she ever offered him any. We can also speak in terms of her use of drugs and alcohol and its importance to her and how important did he feel to her. Did she know about the bullying at school? Did she try to interfere? Was she there for him? This is where we will begin to delve into his feelings of self worth.

Did he feel he had to join a gang just to survive? Here, he may have also experienced some feelings of learned helplessness. The fame has lead to negative reinforcement of his relationship to his ex wife and his mother. The more he speaks badly of either, the more record sales he experiences. We have to explore the possibilities of changing the way in which he deals with these negative emotions. One thing that needs to be explored is minimizing the factors that increase the risk of suicide, such as depression, drug or alcohol abuse and feeling alone (CDC).

We need to discuss the situations in which he feels most vulnerable and minimize the occurrence of said situations. We need to encourage him to find someone to be able to talk to and constructive ways to deflect anger. Trust is definitely an issue and I will have to get him to trust and confide in me. This may take a moment because he really has no one he can trust. We have to be in an environment that is conducive to freeing him from the barriers and masks that he puts on for everyone. We have to be able to peel back the layers and work towards resolving the issues before he becomes self-destructive.

Lastly we have to encourage a healthier relationship and outlook toward women in general because he is raising a daughter. He has to become a positive role model so that she can grow up with a healthy adjustment and attitude towards life and both of her parents. The interaction between the two of them has to become cordial. This will lead to a happier and more peaceful environment for his daughter. The treatment and progress can be measured by his openness and we can begin to measure his statements of self worth and intimacy with his peers and family members.

We can see if his outlook and lyrics become a more positive affront of his feelings. The most important thing to get him to understand is that he is special and life is precious. I will take the psychodynamic therapeutic approach. Marshall has suffered from years of dysfunctional relationships and after much review and much thought, this is the best solution for him. This is the best approach because it focuses on how the past affects present behavior. Marshall has had a lot of instability in the past and although he has gained security in some areas, he still has unstable views.

This therapy also encompasses treatment for substance abuse, which is an alleged issue for Mr. Mathers. The minimum therapeutic time is about two years. This is because the client needs to readjust and integrate developmental learning that was missed earlier in life. We have to work with his defense mechanisms to get him to open up and self reflect. The goal is self-realization, which is to get him to realize how he truly feels and how to get past the past. I hope to gain his trust and reassure him that Marshall matters.

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