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GCSE Essay Examples

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Littlebrook power station – short report

Littlebrook is an oil-fired power station, which uses oil to produce electricity. The oil is transported by the sea. It is powered by heavy fuel oil this means it has to bring tonnes of oil from other countries. Littlebrook is located on the banks of the river Thames in Dartford. In the 1990s the CEGB…

Comparison Between

It then goes on to describe a pair of evil vultures who are nicely nestling together while eating a corpse. Eating the corpse already shows how disgusting the vultures really are. The descriptions of the vultures give the reader a bad impression among the vultures. For example: “bashed-in head, a pebble on a stem rooted…

Does a light Bulb Obey Ohm’s law?

Does a Light Bulb Obey Ohm’s Law? Obtaining Table of Results Voltage 1 Current 1 Voltage 2 Current 2 Average Voltage Average Current Average ResistanceAnalysis After conducting my experiment and analysing my results I have found that a light bulb does not obey ohm’s law, it is a non-ohmic conductor. From the graph obtained from…



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Does the resistance of an electrical wire depend on its length?

Does the resistance of an electrical wire depend on its length? An investigation was carried out to answer the question, Does the resistance of an electrical wire depend on its length?. To answer this I will watch an experiment and us the results to prove whether or not resistance of wire depends on its length….

Energy in a falling mass on a Spring

The aim of the experiment is to design a temperature measuring device, using a Wheatstone Bridge, with two fixed resistors of 47 ohms and then to implement it. The idea is to end up with a comprehensive set of results which allows us to work out an average, and then plot graphs to show the…

The rate of reaction

The experiment will end when I take the third reading of 30cmi??sodium thiosulphate solution, 20cmi?? water. The safety goggles are the most important aspect of the experiment, as it is crucial to maintain a high standard of safety when working with corrosive chemicals. Diagram: Graph to show predicted appearance of results Method and Results I…

Factors affecting the activity of enzymes

Factors affecting the activity of enzymes Aim: to investigate the factors affecting the activity of enzymes. Factors: The factors that could possibly affect the activity of enzymes are: – Temperature: rate of reaction increases as temperature increases. Concentration of enzyme: rate of reaction increases as concentration of enzyme increases. pH: extremes of pH denature enzymes….

Factors affecting the rate of Cooling

The purpose of the investigation is to find the factors affecting the rate cooling. Also to show that there is a relationship between two factors that affect the rate of cooling if there is two factors. Prediction In my experiments I am going to use 6 varied sized beakers, I will keep the volume inside…

The rate of reaction

The graph is below: The reason why I felt that the rate of reaction is proportional to the acid concentration is that from my understanding I feel the higher the acid concentration the faster the rate of reaction, which I have backed up with scientific evidence previously. Towards the end there is a slight bend,…

Italy and Greece

It’s all fat, but does it make you fat? In this coursework I am going to explain the health implications of eating saturated and hydrogenated fats by investigating individual types of oils and margarines and their affects. My research into different types of fats will explain which fats should be eaten more or less of…

How can I change the resistance of a wire?

Electricity is conducted through a wire, it moves using free electrons – the amount of free electrons depends on the type of wire, the more free electrons the more conductive the wire. Free electrons are what are called ‘given energy’ so they move and collide with other free electrons beside them. These collisions or ‘jumps’…

Hydrochloric acid

Introduction: We are trying to find out how the rate of reaction is affected by the concentration of one of the reactants. We are investigating this with sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. We will use different strengths of HCI acid and record the results. Method:  Collect the apparatus.  Make up different concentrations of hydrochloric acid…

The length of a wire affect’s its resistance

I predict that by keeping the voltage the same, the amp measurements will have a strong relationship, but by using only one voltage might be the subject of ohm’s law not to work. It may also be proven that by raising the length of the piece of wire the relationship between the resistance will be…

How effectively amylase digests starch

The chemicals need to collide for a reaction to take place. If the temperature is increased then the particles will move around faster therefore a collision is more likely to take place, so the rate increases. This is for temperatures below 40? C. Enzymes denature when temperature is above 40? C. Amylase and starch are…

How many ways can you make an alkene?

It is one of the most useful methods for preparing alkenes by i?? elimination. When applied to the preparation of alkenes, the reaction is carried out in the presence of a strong base, such as NaOCH2CH3 in ethyl alcohol as solvent. Mechanism of the dehydrohalogenation of alkyl halides: The E2 mechanism 1. The dehydrohalogenation reaction…

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