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How the Internet may impact your career Essay

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The evolutions and advances in technology have indeed expanded the frontiers of man. Every facet of man’s life has been changed by the new technological innovations that have been introduced. Life has become so much easier yet at the same time it seems however that life has also been turned into something more complicated. It cannot be denied, however, that the future of humanity lies in being able to embrace and adapt to technology. Technology has done a lot for human beings.

Without the development in technology it is possible that the pyramids would never have been built and neither would we be able to communicate with each other from remote places all over the world. Given all of these effects of the internet, it comes as no surprise that fortunes and dreams can be made or undone on the internet. As a young individual who has so much planned in life, I feel that the internet presents a unique challenge and a myriad of opportunities. In the field of business, there have been various innovations that have been introduced with applications to the field of business.

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One of them is website development that is custom made to the test ad requirements of a certain company. Office animation tools like computers, telephones and fax machines are another set of technologically introduced changes that are very vital in today’s world. As such, the website as a platform that has aided business development into embracing the global markets is something that must not be overlooked. This is an enterprise arm of technology that has a lot of potential. As such this allows companies to advertise their products and also buy things through online links.

This internet technology has really opened up the global market so that people can today transact business even without ever getting into physical contact with others. It is this feature of enterprise technology that I find myself intrigued with. As a marketing expert, I find enterprise technology to be very helpful in communication. I know that I will use the internet to carry out advertisement campaigns to various destinations. The internet is also very handy in getting the best ground to market goods and also to find very good suppliers of raw materials.

The immense network that is available online can be a headache to those who are not well familiar with it but it can also be a gold mine of opportunities for people such as me who see the future of marketing and supply chain management hinged upon that internet backbone. It is hard to imagine life without email nowadays. The only efficient means of communication, with efficient meaning that the message is delivered within seconds, is either through the cellular phone or through email via the internet.

It is even more impossible to imagine how people could work under circumstances that denied them access to the latest communication technologies or even technology at all. As the developments in the electronics and communications technology continues to improve and advance, it will no longer be far off to imagine a world where nobody is walking the streets and everyone is hooked up to their computers interacting with each other in a world where they can be their own gods and dictate their own destinies without even breaking a sweat.

Instead of just seeing an image of another person online, it may actually be possible to experience the sensation of feeling and touching that person. Perhaps one of the most influential business innovations over the past years has been the growth of e-commerce transactions. The reason for this is that it has allowed several online business companies to take their businesses to another level.

Where the internet was defined by being able to create money through hype and investing on the next big development, the growth of e-commerce transactions has removed all speculation and allowed the market forces to supply and transact in real time involving billions of dollars. One will be hard pressed to find companies that have not taken to the internet to expand their markets and even perhaps smooth out their logistics. It is not only the market access but the ease by which functions of business can be carried out online that makes this such an interesting development.

A company that has a website can carry out all the business transactions over the internet. Various activities done over the website include advertising the products of the company, illustrating the various prices that are applicable for each of the items and also illustrating channels of delivery. Companies can develop a communication avenue over the internet so that they can collect views of people and also respond to any questions as they arise. Websites can also be used to advertise vacancies for employment especially when the company is in need of recruiting more people for empty positions.

Enterprise technology has also provided an avenue through which companies can make more money to add to the revenue that is received in the company. As such, the growth of e-commerce online has made all of this possible. E-commerce provides a quicker and easier alternative. The enormous variety of items made available online makes cyberspace the largest mall in the entire world. A single search query on any internet browser will yield hundreds if not thousands of results.

Combine that with the relative ease by which a person can also research on the pros and cons of items and a wise shopper is created. The variety on ebay, the largest online auction store in the world, is enough to fill the entire state of Texas. All the choices that are available online and the price advantage that is offered and the convenience all make the internet the shopping haven for any shopper. It is clear from this brief discussion that I see my career as being positively impacted by the internet.

The boundless possibilities for anyone with the training but more importantly the perseverance that are available on the internet are sure to allow me to fulfill my dreams. I guess in the short term I will need to bide my time and learn more about this industry but in the long run I see myself becoming an innovator in this field. The business aspects such as e-commerce and trade online are but one facet of this internet. There are so many others there for other people. This is why I am confident that the internet will be able to help not only myself but those who are bold enough with their careers.

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