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India Essay Examples

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DBQ essay on Asoka

Asoka was one of the greatest rulers of ancient India. He was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya of Magadha who established the first Indian empire. Chandragupta reigned for twenty-four years before relinquishing his throne in favor of his son, Bundusara (Asoka’s father), who left no noticeable mark upon the empire. My thesis would be that…

India Shining

It has been projected that by the year 2020, 62% of India’s population will be between the age group of 15 and 59 years. This is what is known as India’s demographic dividend. This means that while the average age of citizens in other countries is on the rise, a majority of India’s population will…

NCSOFT Corporation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY NCsoft had achieved massive success and brand recognition after it had launched its initial games like Lineage 1, Lineage 2 and Guild Wars. But since then the tastes of its customers had been gaining diversity, therefore, the company needed to look out for ways to fulfill the demand for its products. The company…



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Sample Research Paper

Note: Contents and arguments written in this sample research paper are incomplete. Introduction (Ideal number of words for Introduction is 500). One fascinating feature of understanding Asia is its interaction and relations with co-Asians and counterparts in the region. Cultural and historical influences on international decision-making often go unanalyzed because their causal impact is difficult…

Historical Places in India

Sundar Palaniappan is an aspiring photographer who loves to visit temples and other historical places in India. Since web, is the universal media to which people around the globe either visit to gather knowledge or to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives, I would like to avail the power of web, by…

Video Game Console

Introduction This three year strategic marketing plan for the Alpha System has been created by its founders to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s direction. The first year of the marketing plan will be a tactical/guerilla approach to marketing with certain objectives and goals to meet. Even though Alpha…

Pohela Boishakh Festival

Pohela Boishakh is a Public festival of the Bengalis; it is celebrated among all Bengalis- irrespective of religious and regional differences. In Bangladesh, it is a national holiday celebrated around 14th April. The traditional greeting for Bengali New Year is “Shubhô Nôbobôrsho”. Pohela Boishakh is also the beginning of all business activities. I am lucky…

Current Event on India

India is seeking information from China as to why their balance of trade is so skewed. China has been exporting to India far more than it has been importing. This scenario has been reflected globally, with many countries wondering why China has reduced their imports so much. China has also put a ban on Indian…

Video Games Are Good

Video games do not cause violence or aggression towards others, but may benefit you in various ways. Video games are an optional thing to play and can be beneficial to you with interacting with others. Video games also hold an age limit for certain types of games, if the game is gory then it will…

Benefits of Video Games

In today’s frantic and stressful society, a desire to escape sometimes is imminent. There are piles of work to do, constant headaches, and relationship tensions are rising. In this current condition one may be aware that it will be impossible to get anything accomplished. What one really needs is a chance to get away from…

Ultrasound Machines India China And A Skewed

General Electric Co. and other companies have sold so many ultrasound machines in India that tests are now available in small towns like Indergarh, where there is no drinking water, electricity is infrequent, and roads turn to mud after a March rain shower. A scan typically costs $8, or a week’s wages. GE has waded…

Child Marriage: Reasons and Consequences

Acknowledgement I am highly indebted to my Professor who gave me such an interesting project and who helped me in every way possible to complete the project. I owe my deepest sense of gratitude to my parents who influenced me and helped me to complete this project. I would also like to thank the library…

Goan Literature and Translation!

Goa has been reflected in many ways. It is sometimes reflected through people, through its culture and sometimes through literature. Goan reflection is nothing but the projection of Goa as a land, Goa’s socio-economic life and contemporary Goan expressions. According to Prof. Peter Nazareth “Goans have written in thirteen languages. Goans meditate between cultures, Goans…

A Cross-Cultural Study of British, Indian, and Portuguese College Students

Love Styles: A Cross-Cultural Study of British, Indian, and Portuguese College Students Love is a feeling known to many people. Sometimes, it becomes a goal for different individuals to find their love through different ways. Moreover, love is a feeling which helps individuals to be compassionate to other people. Hence, love is not a mysterious…

India Country

Below is a free essay on “India” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. 1.What is the climate for doing business in India? Is it supportive of foreign investment? oThe climate for doing business in India is continuously evolving. Today, the Indian economy is characterized by a liberalized…

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